A new way to live with peanut allergies is almost here.

Backed by a revolutionary new food allergy test, the AllerGenis Peanut Program is a community that provides accompaniment for families every step of the way.


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The most accurate test available.

With years of research and support of top allergists like Hugh Sampson, M.D., our test provides a diagnosis with 93% accuracy. That's nearly twice as accurate as other food allergy blood tests.

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Living with food allergies doesn't need to be scary.

Individuals and parents worry about the risk of life-threatening reactions or may have a fear of using an epinephrine pen. This anxiety means you have to pay close attention to food labels, limit visits to friends and family, and factor food into any major decision to avoid potentially traumatic reactions.


We provide confidence.

Other tests are frequently wrong - with false positive rates of 58%. Our test provides confidence in knowing if you or your child is truly allergic and how much peanut can safely be consumed, giving you peace of mind.


The AllerGenis test has been life changing. We were able to pretty fearlessly attempt a supervised food challenge at the allergists office, which we wouldn't have done without the test results.  We have since lived without the daily anxiety about exposure.  My daughter is eating peanut ingredients almost daily to maintain exposure.  Amazing.


Christina Alabama


The Process is Easy.

Once the order is placed, a kit will be shipped to your home. Once collected, ship the specimen back to us with the prepaid shipping box.

Your results will be provided to a licensed medical professional of your choice through our online secure platform within 7 days.

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Once ordering is available, you can request an appointment with one of our allergists online or you can download some materials to take to your provider.