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allergenis was founded on the belief that no one should live life without concrete answers around the decisions that are shaping their lives and the lives of those around them. Our tests are born out of an obsession to go above and beyond the highest standard in safety, quality, and accuracy to provide our families with concrete answers.

We aim to improve how ALL allergies are diagnosed and managed; we are starting with one of the most common food allergies, peanuts.  Our peanut test was designed by experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to provide a 93% accurate answer to the elephant in the room, “can a peanut trigger a life threatening reaction?"

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Our peanut diagnostic test is coming soon.  Preorder now to be notified when you (or your child) can receive the testing.

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"The allergenis test has been life changing.
We were able to pretty fearlessly attempt a supervised food challenge at the allergists office, which we wouldn't have done without the test results.

We have since lived without the daily anxiety about exposure.
My daughter is eating peanut ingredients almost daily to maintain exposure. Amazing.


Christina A.

mom of 3 year old


the science behind it all.


At allergenis we have perfected the science behind the peanut allergy test and it's different, a good kinda different...

step 1 - we start with great science.

The science behind allergenis is decades in the making and baked by some of the world renown experts in the area of food allergy research. It's safe, accurate and trustworthy.

step 2 - we create a streamlined, 93% accurate test.

How? By testing, testing, testing, and perfecting. We took the most comprehensive cohorts of blood samples (BOPI, OPIA, CoFAR6, Cafeteria, LEAP, and POISED) and compared our results to the outcomes of the oral food challenge. No other blood test on the market has done this. We show the same results as the oral food challenge 93% of the time.

step 3 - we provide answers.

You submit your labwork, we handle the rest, delivering answers to your inbox in days to questions you've had for a lifetime.

We provide information to help you and your provider sort through which labels you need to worry about. Are you so sensitive that you need to avoid food products 'processed in the same facility as'? Or can you start to add products that say 'May contain...' as you are less concerned about hints of cross contamination?

step 4 - we set you up for success!

We go past that initial sigh of relief and into the "what now" - because let's be honest, sometimes when we find ourselves in a life with less limitations, we need a little guidance on how to move forward. We've got that covered.

Our team provides you with one-on-one support with the information needed to move forward whether that be strict avoidance, immunotherapy, or reintroduction of foods (if possible) into your families diet safely, sometimes one piece of nut at a time.




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