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say yes to the peanut.

At allergenis we have perfected the science behind the peanut allergy test and it’s different, a good kinda different….

Never before has a blood test been able to help you make the decisions you have to make every single day living with food allergies.  Strict avoidance is one solution, but now you can determine without guessing  (with the help of your provider) whether products labeled as ‘May contain peanut’ can be included in your child’s, or your own diet.  Or maybe its finally a trip to the ice cream parlor since cross contamination is below your child’s peanut reactivity level! 

We are here to help.

The allergenis peanut diagnostic will help your provider accurately determine if you or your child are truly allergic and if so, provide additional information on how much peanut protein can safely be consumed.  This information may inform you and your provider to help decide whether to reintroduce peanut, pursue the latest therapeutic options or what precautions are necessary for you to stay below your safe limits of peanut ingestion.

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At allergenis, we know science like you know your child. In that confident without a shadow of a doubt kinda way. We have made it our mission to bring precision diagnostics to you with an enhanced capability to safely identify, diagnose, and monitor patients throughout the natural history of their allergic disease. 

Approximately 32 million people in the U.S., including 5.6 million children have food allergies. Many are underscoring the urgent need for new therapies and diagnostics to accurately diagnose and manage patients living with food allergies.

Food allergy increases the risk of developing chronic conditions such as asthma, eczema, and respiratory allergies later in life

Every 3 minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the E.R. and every death from a food allergy is tragic and avoidable. Most in patients who are aware of their allergy.

Yet, current food allergy diagnostics have low specificity, contributing to the over-diagnosis of as many as 60 percent of patients.

allergenis has developed its technology using data-driven machine learning and innovative multiplex immunoassay technology to more precisely diagnose and monitor patients with food allergies.

It will be one of the first non-oncologic precision medicine tools to help providers better diagnose, assess, and manage patients with food allergies.




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